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Cannabis: Snake Oil or Cure All?

Photo Credit: Pixabay
Photo Credit: Pixabay

I’m sure you’ve heard the debate about Cannabis lately. It seems like after years of being illegal advocates are finally pushing back to the tune of many different medical uses as well as some victories on the recreational legalization front. Is cannabis everything the industry is touting it to be, or is the movement to legalize it just being created to legitimize an illicit drug trade?

It’s no secret large drug cartels have been growing and operating out of Mexico and Central America for decades now. These cartels started to really rise to prominence in the 1980’s when Ronald Reagan’s war on drugs created a supply and demand economy for them to work with. Enabling this situation was not the intention of the drug war but it certainly was the result. The cartels expanded and grew in power, when one was eradicated another simply popped up again. Take the recent struggles that the US has had with reigning in “El Chapo” and you’ll see why it’s utterly pointless to continue a failed war that has cost tax payers billions while giving rise to crime and a black market syndicate. Many insiders have even come to the conclusion that the CIA is manipulating that black market drug trade for their own profit as well. This type of enterprise cares nothing for the potential medicinal benefits of cannabis, they are simply seeking a profit at whatever cost.

Recently a lot of exposure has been given to how THC, the psychoactive ingredient in Cannabis, is able to eradicate cancer cells. Watch this video that’s been going viral showing how the cancer cells deactivate.

Another lesser known cousin of THC, CBD, has been shown to be extremely effective in the treatment of seizures and other disorders without the myriad of side effects people experience from pharmaceuticals. Stories have been pouring in across the web from frustrated parents, who at their wits end, finally tried CBD oil, only to see a child who was literally experiencing thousands of seizures a day start to live a much more normal life within a few short days.

What we have to ask ourselves is this: was the government aware that cannabis was capable of all of this? Outside of the obvious environmental and production benefits, did they know this was possibly a one of the most powerful cancer treatments on the planet? Given the fact that they hold the patent on all possible medicinal benefits of the plant even though they have it classified as schedule 1, meaning no known medical benefit, makes one think they were trying to intentionally deceive the public (gasp!) yet again.


When something is able to treat so many symptoms and diseases both major and minor, it only stands to reason that the pharmaceutical companies who line the government’s pockets with lobbyist cash stand to lose the most in this power struggle for the freedom, health, and welfare of the American people. These are billion dollar corporations that might not even exist if it wasn’t for the outlawing of cannabis!

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