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Poll: Young Americans embrace socialism

Socialism is popularized among young Americans by celebrity politicians like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

A new Harris Poll suggests that generation Z and Millennials are more likely to embrace socialistic views. According to the poll 73.2% of Millennials and Gen Z believe that the government should provide universal health care.

67.1 percent of Millennials and Gen Z think that the government should provide tuition free college

49.6% of them prefer living in a socialist country and 43.1 percent support abolishing ICE.

We have seen how socialism destroys countries such as Venezuela. The people are starving and unable to get the daily necessities such as clean food or water. This ideology is dangerous, promoted and by democrats to push their agenda. For young Americans to prefer wanting to live in a socialist country baffles me. I blame the school systems where students are indoctrinated by professors with anti-American sentiment.



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